How do I file an IPR infringement complaint?

The documents and information you will need are:

  • 资料-1
  • Your Identification

    Documentation to authenticate who you are:

    -For an individual user, a copy of your national identity card, passport, or driver’s license is required; and

    -For a business entity, a copy of the business registration certification or license is required.

  • IPR Ownership

    Proof of intellectual property rights, such as copies of your trademark/copyright/patent certificates, or a completed Copyright Claim Statement if you are claiming ownership of unregistered copyright.

    If you are not the rights holder, you’ll need to also provide: - A letter of authorization issued by the rights holder granting permission to enforce their IPR on Alibaba’s platforms.

How do I file a complaint if I have registered an Alibaba IP Protection (IPP) platform account?

File with IPP Account

How do I file a complaint if I don't have registered an Alibaba IP Protection Platform account?

File with Online Form
Please note if you plan to submit notifications regularly or have a relatively large number of listings, you are recommended to register and set up an account on the IPP Platform. Registering an IPP account will allow you to save information regarding your IPR for future use and track the status of complaints online. In addition, reporting through the IPP platform will generally lead to significantly faster response times.

Alibaba Intellectual Property Support Services

Education & Training

Livestream Training
Alibaba cares about your IPR protection experience. To better resolve any issues you encounter in the process of protecting your IPR, we may arrange live video streams or other forms of interactive communication. 
You may also request interactive videos sessions by setting up an Alibaba IPP platform account, and you can apply for such training through the “User Center”.
Video Guidance
Alibaba has pre-recorded tutorials to provide guidance and step-by-step instructions on the processes, standards, system operations, etc. of the notice and takedown process. These instructional videos are available online and are a valuable resource for IPR protection. By watching these instructional videos, rights owners will be taken through various typical scenarios in order to help ensure the enforcement of their IPR goes smoothly.
You may view these videos by setting up an Alibaba IPP platform account and following the path “User Center” → “IPR Service” → “Video Tutorials”.
Case Studies
Alibaba also makes available online, ‘case studies’ to learn more about submitting takedown requests.
To see useful descriptions of the most common IPR complaint reasons and case studies, rights owners may log into (or create) their IPP Platform accounts and, from the “My Page” (home page), select “IPR Protection Guide” under IPR Services.

Communication Support

Outbound Calls
Alibaba cares about your IPR protection experience. If a problem appears to be identified (e.g., the system identifies failed efforts to upload documents), Alibaba may proactively reach out to you and provide targeted advice.
In order to ensure that Alibaba personnel can contact you in an accurate and timely fashion, it is recommended that you check and confirm your registered contact information.
Update your contact information with the following steps: Log in to the Alibaba IPP platform ( → “Mine” → “Account settings” → “Contact information disclosed to Alibaba”.
Targeted Suggestions for IPR Protection
Alibaba may provide personalized solutions by sending targeted suggestions based on your specific situation. 
You can check your own status at: “User Center” → “Mine” → “Important notice”.
Email Communication
You may also contact us by sending an email to:
Contact Us
Alibaba has also set up a “contact us” button on the Alibaba IPP platform. You may click the “contact us” button to submit your questions.

IACC MarketSafe

Free for Participating SMEs
The new MarketSafe Program for Small and Medium Entities (SMEs) is a collaboration between the Alibaba Group (“Alibaba”) and the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (“IACC”) to provide SMEs with a year of free hands-on support and a streamlined mechanism for expedited takedown actions against infringing listings.
Bilingual Support
The IACC is an independent, non-profit trade association devoted to protecting brands from counterfeiting and piracy.
Participants benefit from the IACC’s dedicated team of bilingual analysts, with Chinese language capabilities, who assist with the takedown requests, and help manage issues such as seller appeals. This valuable resource enables SMEs to better focus on their core business and optimize their limited resources while learning about Alibaba’s IP protection efforts and resources.
Information about the IACC MarketSafe Program for SMEs can be found at:

Legal Service Resources

IPR Service Provider Information
If any legal advice or assistance is needed in the process of your enforcement of IPR, Alibaba encourages rights holders to consult with appropriate professionals. To assist, Alibaba also provides a platform where one can get access to legal support service providers for consideration. For more information, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

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