Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection Platform Instructions

How Alibaba protects your intellectual property rights?
  • One Stop Complaint

    Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection Platform (IPP) covers the following Alibaba E-Commerce platforms: Taobao.com, Tmall.com, Tmall.hk, 1688.com, Aliexpress.com and Alibaba.com. If you encounter listings or behaviors which you believe infringing your IP rights (trademarks, copyright, patent, etc), we recommend you file complaints on the IPP platform.

  • Intellectual Property Disputes Resolution Mechanism

    Option 1: Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection Platform (IPP) is a web-based IP infringement claims processing system. Once your identity materials and intellectual property rights documents have been verified, you may submit takedown notices against suspected infringing product listings. Where takedown notices are established and processed, relevant product listings will be removed as per relevant system rules and policies. Sellers may file counter-notices, and the Platform may review the supporting documents and evidence submitted by both parties and determine whether or not to reinstate the product listings.

    Option 2: If you do not need the above convenient and fast IP dispute resolution mechanism offered by Alibaba but wish to seek further remedies from relevant judicial bodies or administration authorities after submitting takedown notices to solve your IP disputes, please submit takedown notices by email. Please submit your notices of infringement together with supporting prima facie evidence to the email box ipr@alibaba-inc.com. We will process your takedown request as per relevant legal procedure.

How to protect your intellectual property rights on IPP?
  • Register an account on IPP platform

    1. Create an IPP account with your email.      How to register my account on IPP
    2. You can also login to our IPP platform with a valid account on Taobao.com, Tmall.com, Alibaba.com, Aliexpress.com, and 1688.com.

  • What intellectual property right(s) do you wish to protect

    1. Provide proof of your identity.
    2. Provide proof of your intellectual property right(s).
    Once verified, you do not need to submit these documents again as long as your IP rights documents have not expired.

  • Let us know where the infringement is

    1. Choose the platform where the alleged infringing listing is found, submit hyperlinks to the listings and provide any additional support of alleged infringements.
    2. Once the takedown request is verified, we will take down the corresponding listing and notify owners of the removal. If any counter-notification is received, it will be forwarded for your response.

  • Manage your intellectual property rights enforcement

    1. Manage the intellectual property rights documents you submitted.
    2. Check the status of your complaint submissions.
    3. Review historical records of your complaints.

By signing into Alibaba IPP Platform,
you will enjoy the following benefits

The IPP Platform account can be used to submit complaints for all major ecommerce platforms of Alibaba Group, and verified identification and intellectual property documents will be saved for later use.

The IPP platform provides an efficient and transparent online channel for you to monitor and manage your enforcement activities.

Documents you need to provide to verify your IPP account

Proof of Identification: For an individual, a copy of national identity card, passport or driver’s license (overseas users). For an entity, a copy of the business registration certification or license.

Proof of intellectual property rights, such as a copy of official trademark/copyright/patent certificate , or a completed Copyright Claim Statement if you are claiming ownership of unregistered copyright.

If you are not the rights holder, please also provide:

- Identification document of the rights holder.

- A letter of authorization issued by the rights holder.

Video Tutorials of How to Use Alibaba IPP Platform

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