Notice of Alibaba's Good-faith Takedown Mechanism Upgrade

DATE: 2021-12-28

Dear Rights Holders,

Since its implementation, the Alibaba Good-faith Takedown Mechanism (the “Mechanism”) has gained positive feedback from rights holders across the world. A trial upgrade for the Mechanism will start on December 28th, 2021, with the aim to better support rights holders which have a track record of responsible and diligent approach to IPR enforcement, and promote a sustainable, rules-based, business environment. The new mechanism will be effective for all rights holders from April 15th, 2022.

Enhancements include:

1. Benefits of the upgraded Mechanism:

Reduced burden of proof for takedown requests, expedited takedown process, a dashboard with more statistics to track enforcement outcomes, and one-on-one communication to support brand protection, and additional grounds for takedown requests.

2. Reminders & Alerts:

For users accounts (“Accounts”) admitted to the Mechanism, Alibaba will notify users via the “Reminders & Alerts” function in the account, which may include outstanding takedown issues and other important information. Users can view additional information and keep an eye on notifications via the "User Service" module.

3. Enhanced evaluation indicators:

For Accounts admitted into the Mechanism, both overall complaints data as well as data of any single reason code should meet the program admission conditions. These changes are made to further promote a sustainable and rules-based mechanism.

Alibaba will, as always, adhere to the principle of “good-faith”. We hope that these upgrades will help rights holders to better protect and enforce their IPR in the spirit of trust and cooperation, and are a commitment made by Alibaba in good-faith to create an inclusive and cooperative environment for rights protection.

For more information, please refer to:

“Rules of Good-faith Takedown Mechanism of Alibaba”

“FAQ of Good-faith Takedown Mechanism of Alibaba”