Notice of Alibaba's Good-faith Takedown Mechanism Upgrade


Dear Rights Holders,

As the trial operation of Alibaba's Good-faith Takedown Mechanism (the “Mechanism”) has gained good feedback form domestic and international rights holders since April 15th, 2018, the Mechanism will be effective to all right owners since August 15th, 2018 in order to enable more rights holders to better enforce and protect their IP rights.

Enhancements include:

1. Upon meeting the statistical requirements, qualifying accounts will be automatically upgraded to the Mechanism without the requirement of executing Declaration on Joining the Good-faith Takedown Mechanism.

2. Enjoy more benefits, including: faster processing of takedown requests, simplified requirements for burden of proof,dashboard with more statistics.

3. More generous statistical threshold requirements for the Mechanism, including:

1) The assessment period will be prolonged from 1 month to 3 months in order to diminish data fluctuation caused by a shorter assessment period.

2) The allowed successful counter-notification rate is increased from <= 1.5% to <= 5%.

3) Accounts which are removed from the Mechanism according to removal standard are eligible to rejoin the Mechanism after a period of three months rather than the previous period of six months.

We will, as always, adhere to the principle of “good-faith”. We hope that these upgrades will not only help rights holders to better protect and enforce their IPR, but will also help make them truly feel Alibaba’s open, inclusive and cooperative attitude, and contribute to a ‘win-win’ for our mutual interests in protecting IPR.

For more information, please refer to:

“Rules of Good-faith Takedown Mechanism of Alibaba”

“Instructions of Good-faith Takedown Mechanism of Alibaba”

“FAQ of Good-faith Takedown Mechanism of Alibaba”